Here are what we’ve done for some of our clients:

Langspeech is one of the most popular Text-to-Speech (TTS) iPhone/Android mobile apps and site in the world with the site’s free creation of podcasts from text, free translation and free dictionary services. We built the site from the ground up, with XML, Flash, Actionscript, Facebook Connect, PHP, and WebServices. It is also fully integrated with Facebook, where the social network of millions of active users can exchange and share information.

Portal for news relevant to ladies of Hong Kong.  Maintained by our partner XMedia Services Limited.
This popular forum is based on PHP and MYSQL. Its traffic increased 8x after we thoroughly reviewed its contents and applied Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to improve it’s ranking on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and other search engines so it comes up in the results above all other sites.
Kiwi Station is an up and coming Chinese podcast station with its own exclusive iPhone/iPad/Android mobile app platforms. Podcasters from across the world submit shows to this platform, and in turn the platform distributes the shows via facebook, twitter, sina weibo, iTunes, among other channels. is an online retailer for technical gadgets, from High Definition Televisions to iPods and everything in between. With such a wide array of products, it is the preferred online store for a safe and easy shopping experience., for all your electronic needs! is the largest Chinese Online Radio/Podcasting stations based in the  Bay Area.  Chinese community. Designed, implemented and administered from the ground up by us, volunteers use this as a platform to provide entertaining yet informational shows. Not only can the audience listen directly off the website or download to their iPods via iTunes or RSS feed, they can also participate in the phpBB3 forum as well as via the seamless Sina Weibo and Facebook integrations, whereby they can login with just one click.  Furthermore, we developed their popular iPhone and Android apps so fans can listen to any show on the go. is a growing woman fashion store based in the San Francisco bay area. The site’s ecommerce maintenance operation and IT operations is outsourced to us, freeing to focus on what they do best–delivering the trendiest fashions to their customers at affordable prices.
One of the best Karaoke spots in the San Francisco Bay Area, Knet’s online operations is also done by us. Completely revamped from the ground up, the new site and our IT consultation helps Knet deliver to their customers a great time out, every time.